Line-up - 2019


György Varga

vocal, bass

Krisztián Varga


Tamás Laki


Electronic Press Kit - January, 2020





Verilun started the songwriting of the third full-length late summer.

In October Tamás Laki (ex-Art of Butchery) has joined the band.



The second full-length album 'Through fire... in the Sun' has been released on the 5th May, 2018.

On the 6th of April the single "Upon the mountain", the first song of the forthcoming full-length "Through fire... in the Sun" has been released.



At the end of November Verilun entered the studio to record their forthcoming album, "Through fire... in the Sun".

In February Zoltan Schonberger, drummer quit the band.



At the beginning of the year Gabor Nagy guitarist left the band, and Krisztian Varga ex-guitarist (performing on Blood Moon EP and Home For The Dead) has re-joined Verilun.



"Where The Wild Roses Grow" single and video has been released on the 19th August.



Gabor Nagy joined the band on guitar at the beginning of March.



Verilun's first LP "Home for The Dead" is released on the 23rd December.

In May Verilun signed with Sliptrick Records.



At the end of November Akos Szilvasi (guitar) left the band.

A new guitarist, Akos Szilvasi has joind the band in August.

Gabor Bodnar guitarist has left Verilun in February.

Until his replacement is found all the gigs will be performed with one guitar.



Songwriting has been started right after the line-up is finalized. "Old" songs written by previous line-ups have been finalized as well as some new ones have been written recently.

There is a cover of Mike Oldfield's Shadow on the wall among the songs, and it's decided to put other originally non-metal songs into metal in the future.

The very first Verilun release - Blood Moon EP - has been released at the beginning of November.



After more than 1 year of continuous search for approrpiate members the line-up of the band has been fixed at the very end of 2010. Members came from other well-known bands: Zoltan Schonberger (drums) ex-Sear Bliss, Krisztian Varga (guitar) ex-Monastery / Hayseed, Gyorgy Varga (bass / vocal) ex-Dalriada, and last but not least Gabor Bodnar (guitar) from Frozen Night joined the band.

The name of the band - VERILUN - is taken from the Hunnish language and has a meaning of "Blood moon", the Hunnish name of planet Mars.